Storyline - Real Disappointment

Dec 06, 2013

We've developed numerous modules that contain multiple interactions per module.

Our client's are now requesting that these modules be mobile friendly.

On the IPad, the interactions work poorly.  Audio doesn't synch with graphics, some of the graphics don't appear, etc.

I understand it's a popular move to blame HTML5.  It's very very disappointing.

So, I thought we'd give your Mobile Player a chance.  It's downloaded and installed.  When launched, a gray screen appears with the text "No content".  There's no field to enter text or no apparent way to navigate.

I've searched Google and your site for instructions.  No luck.  This player is fabulous!!

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Simon Perkins

Hi Allen

There are more and more components of SL that are becoming compliant with HTML5/mobile etc.  Unfortunately this sometimes means having to revise an older course.  Here's a guide to where SL is right now in terms of compliance:  That's not to say everything that should work 100% does work 100% - a bit of fettling is required time to time.

When you say you see a grey screen, have you actually launched a course?  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen,

Simon and Michael have both pointed you in the right direction in terms of what features will work in HTML5 and our mobile player, and as Michael mentioned you'll need to access a Storyline course from a website or LMS to have it download into your player. 

For further information on Storyline tutorials, you'll want to visit this page.  There are also Support articles available here.  You are also always welcome to connect with staff and community members here in the forums, and if you would like to connect with our Support team they're available by opening a case here. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allen,

When you Storyline course is loaded into your LMS, you'll need to open that link from within your iPad, and if your LMS supports the Tin Can API, it'll open within the mobile player (if enabled in published) or the HTML5 version. 

Can you share your case number with me here so that I can follow up? I see a case where you were working with Christine on your Heroes password issue, but I don't see another case about your mobile player. 

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