storyline / Rise submit button

I have a single slide layered storyline 360 file that I am incorporating into Rise. I have made the frame transparent but I need the submit button for the drag and drop to work. I want to get rid of the gray thin line but do not know how to do that. I tried the modern player but I want a submit button, not a checkmark. I cannot get a custom button to track the layered right or wrong answers.

Can you tell me how to get rid of the gray line around the player? see attached.

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Jeff Forrer

Hello, you should be able to get rid of it using the Classic Player still.

In the Player tab:

1) Select "Colors & Effects".

2) Click "Show advanced color editing".

3) For the "Base >> Main Border", set "Transparency" to 100%.

If you have not set your "Base >> Main Background", "Transparency" to 100% you can do that too.

 Image of result below in Rise (published from SL360) and the two Player settings.