Storyline's Buggy Undo Button

Is anybody as frustrated as I am by the close to useless undo button in Storyline? At some random point, deep into a project, the undo button stops functioning .. or, rather it undoes stuff that is not even close to what I have been working on, wiping out a lot of valuable work. 

Please in advance, do not advise to save my work more often. I save my work regularly. I resent losing any work, even recent work, because of a bug in software that should not be there in the first place.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Ted,

Have been very frustrated as well and do have latest update. One thing that often "saves my butt" (but this is not foolproof) is when I undo and AARRGH realize SL has undone who knows what, I immediately redo and what was just undone comes back). Of course what I just told SL to undo is not undone and is still sitting there staring at me, but at least I have my stuff back.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Poppy,

Sorry for the frustration! I know it's definitely not a pleasant experience, and as Bruce mentioned, we are working hard to get these issues resolved. 

We are working on the next update already and we're hoping to have some additional solutions and information on this soon. 

Again, I do apologize for the trouble - I run into this quite often myself and I'm in the boat for the trip to "Safe Undo Town".


Bruce Graham

Have to say - the "Undo no longer works at all..." scenario is one that I have never seen. Always had some iffiness, but a lot better since last update.

Until today.

Completely disappeared - nothing, not a sausage.

Today, completely inactive after a few hours work in Storyline.

Not much else I can say really....


Job Vlaming

It did get better after the last update. I've not seen the 'undo something hugely important but hardly tracable at random' behaviour, which is great. 

I find myself restarting Storyline every few hours to re-enable the undo button.

It may be related to the issue where Storyline slowly eats your memory as the minutes progress. Luckily I have some to spare, but if I don't restart, within a few hours its hogging about 800Mb of memory.

Harri C

Hey all,

I know this isn't a 'fix' but if you hover over the undo button before clicking  it should tell you what it will undo i.e Undo typing and will often show you a helpful keyboard shortcut for it. This has helped me avoid random deletions.

However, it does sometimes say 'hidden change' which I don't think is particularly helpful.

Hope this helps

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Leigh,

I don't have any updates on the undo button at this time. Once we have information on new features or features included in updates we'll be sure to share them in the appropriate thread, and you can also set Storyline to automatically check for updates following the directions here. 

Shane Brown

I am just getting started with SL2.  Took a great class from Yukon Learning last month, surprised they did not mention the undo problem.   Today I went into Options hoping to set levels of undo, but there aren't any.  Came looking for answers only to find this very sad thread.  Is there a more recent thread out there?   Is undo safe to use or not?  Thank you!