Storyline SCORM 1.2 LMS Reporting

Nov 02, 2015


I have a menu created in Storyline that has several links to external content. Is there a way to set up the Completed/Incomplete report status to the LMS to show Completed only after each link on the menu has been clicked?



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Chasiti Effort

Hi Christie,

Thank you for the reply. The question is not specific to a particular LMS. It is more general in how to setup reporting in Storyline. I have another question on the same topic, but a different setup approach. Is it possible to have a button added to the menu slide or the player that says “Completed Course”, and once the user clicks the button a report is sent to the LMS as Completed? Thanks again for your time and assistance :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Chastiti! 

Are you going to be tracking by slides viewed, and the slide with the button would be the final slide? Then yes, you would be able to accomplish what you are hoping to achieve, but you would have to have that button be the very last thing in the course, and make sure it cannot be clicked until the other buttons that direct to the external content are clicked. (I did want to note, this will not require the users to actually view the external content, but that is not something I would be able to assist you with). Does what I have described make sense? 

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