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Jul 13, 2015

Hi All 

I have created a course with default menu and its forced navigation and experiencing below issue, can someone can guide me how to fix this issue.

The learner has completed the course and passed the assessment and the LMS marks as complete.


When resuming the course the pop up asks "Would you like to resume where you left off? When the learner selects "No" all tracking is lost and the Menu/Navigation is locked down even though the leaner has completed and passed the course once before.


The client is expecting to be able to have free navigation once the course has been completed and passed. 



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sinchu -- Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues. Are you able to upload and test your published output in the SCORM Cloud? Also, you may want to check out these articles on troubleshooting LMS issues:

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

Troubleshooting LMS Issues

Hope that helps, and if not, please let us know and we'll dig a little deeper! :)

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