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Jan 07, 2013

After trying to ask for tutorials for 6 months from Articulate on Storyline 508 compliance best practices with no success, I created a separate course from our main one that has been created entirely for use by a screen reader. There are 2 videos in this screen reader course, but otherwise there is no audio, no animation, no closed captioning. Just text boxes for the screen reader to read the content.

I have tried to keep the course and each slide very simple - one text box containing the content, on some slides 1 image with an 'alt text' description, and the only "buttons" in the frame are the Previous and Next button in the bottom, and a FAQ and Resources tabs at the top right. There is also not a menu or transcript shown in the player.

I have published and reviewed the course without a screen reader and used TAB to move through the course. I see the Yellow box around each item as it should be.

My issue when reviewing with a "Thunder" screen reader

  • The screen reader does not "read" the Previous or Next buttons on the player. It DOES read the FAQ and Resources tabs. The yellow box will go around those buttons, but nothing is 'read' by the screen reader. Because I can see them, I know to press enter when I'm on them, but someone who can't see them would not receive help from their screen reader.
  • The screen reader does not read the text box on the first slide. Yes, the checkbox for making the text box visible is checked. I have even tried placing all of the text into the Alt Text box, and that does not make a difference. When I go to the 2nd slide, the screen reader begins reading all of the information that is tabbed to (except for the Previous and Next buttons).

A co-worker tried to review the course in the JAWS screen reader

  • Nothing would "read" in JAWS - no text boxes and no buttons on the player frame.

Can anyone tell me what steps we're missing or how to make our storyline course readable by a screen reader?

Thanks in advance. 

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