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Oct 29, 2015


I have created a simple course to test 508 features, the same on java "HELLO WORLD".

So I have created a story with only a slide and I have insert a simple text area with hello world. I have also insert the same phrase into alt text box.

I have published this story for moodle and no other options. Also I have published the same story with html5 and iPad option.

I have deployed the two SCORM 1.2 on my moodle and I am be able to see the yellow focus on tex box but no audio.

I have read that JAWS read only with IE and no other browser.

I have test my story with IE 11 and JAWS 16 - 15 - 14 and for all I am not be able to see the player so I am not be able to see any content.

If I use chrome or other player I am be able to see my hello world but the reader doesn't read my alt text that I have writed.

Please help me 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Guiseppe, 

Thanks for the additional information here - are you launching JAWS prior to opening the course? You may also want to test it out on SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content. If you're still having difficulty with it there we'll want to take a look at the file you've set up, and you can share it with our Support team here. 

Giuseppe Vitagliano

Dear Ashley,

I execute jaws prior to open the course and I have also execute a new test, launching it after the course.

I'll update you with my last test:
SCORM package is created with the first storyline with storyline2 is no longer visible from my IE 11 with JAWS off. Only the first time I was able to see the content in IE. I tried to reset the settings of IE but the result is always the same, but you can always see it with chrome. These packages were created with one storyline (update 10 1509.1408) and 2 downloaded in trial version. With the same IE but I can see the packages created before this latest update version 10.
I created a package SCORM test like "HELLO WORLD" storyline with JAWS 2 and 16 because I had read the supporting certificate from your site, but in this case the reader did not read the alternative text added. My last test was finally to view our website on Windows XP and IE version 8 SCORM packages. In this last test environment you can always see objects SCORM. I could not try because JAWS is a small PC but I tested the accessibility with an open source product NVDA screen reader and the result was that I was able to read all the contents of the text area of ​​the two SCORM packages with either storyline1 both storyline2.

thanks a lot


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