Storyline, Screen Readers, Yikes!

Jul 21, 2014

So I am working on some sample screens for a course. I have downloaded JAWS and NVDA and run the published content in IE.

In the sample, I have a multiple choice question. Both JAWS and NVDA read answers as text + "graphic". Worse, when I bring up the response (Correct or Incorrect), both screen readers read everything in the answer box, even the graphic that separates CORRECT/INCORRECT from the rest of the answer.

Any way to edit that answer to have screen reader ignore separating graphic?

Also finding that when I have the Screen Reader active, functionality goes out the window. I set a keystroke on my first page tied to a variable for folks who use accessibility aids. This works fine if I just run the file. If the Screen Reader is active, no dice. On the question page, I set up an action so user can press a key -- in this case, "B" -- as a shortcut for Submit. Won't work with screen reader, works without it.



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Steve Flowers

Hey Ken -

If you go into the Feedback master and select the object in the master layout at the top, you should be able to remove the accessibility flag for that graphic item.

I haven't seen the issue with the screen reader trapping keys but I'm testing with NVDA. Have you tried changing that to a different key? Maybe the B key is one used by the screen reader.

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