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Nov 21, 2012

I am using HitFilm 2 Ultimate to inject characters that move in and out of the training space within storyline. What I am looking for is the demotions of the storyline slide, I know PPTX is 720 x 540 but when I export my video and add it to storyline these demotions do not match so my objects are off.   

Thanks in advance if anyone has the working dimensions of the storyline slide


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Rachel Hanson

Hi Mike,

is there any progress in this happening?

I'm interested in having different story sizes in one presentation. This is because I'd like to have a light box for a diagram that is portrait dimensions and I would like it to fill the slide when the lightbox appears rather than having a lot of space either side of the diagram.


Gem Austria

The last customer having issues with a course on an iPad notes:

"I am trying to view a course on my iPad and it is telling me that I need to download the app to view the course. I already have the app on the iPad and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work so I dug around a little bit and found out that there is an issue on your end that needs to be upgraded."

We are having increasing bugs with our team members  getting their courses to launch recently on the iPad. Any known issues with iOS 9 and Storyline 2 (Update 4:1501.717) (not the upgrade) Articulate Mobile Player?

 We don't want to upgrade our Storyline 2 to the newest upgrade, however, due to all the documented issues customers are experiencing to avoid having to republish hundreds of courses already in our LMS.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gem,

You'll need to be on the latest update of Storyline, which is update 7 as there was a fix specific to iOS9. You can read all the release notes here in regards to what was fixed in that update and previous ones and in regards to republishing, you can use the updater - and then will just need to reload them to your LMS. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gem, 

You could download the update 7 and utilize the updater separately, but there won't be a way to restrict which courses you update with the Articulate Updater - unless those were the only courses on that computer. The updater is compatible with all versions of Storyline 2, but I'd ensure that going forward you're running the latest update so that you don't have to look at continuing to update the courses using this method. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gem,

I haven't heard of a particular issue. Have you tested it from different wireless networks and with different courses? I typically try to shut everything else down on my iPad to see if it's something running the background taking up memory or causing interference. If you've got a course where you're consistently seeing this freeze I'm also happy to test it on my iPad if you can share a link here with us. 

Gem Austria

I see that Articulate Storyline is actually now up to Update 10 released on September 15, 2015, which just added support for Apple iOS9. I was under the impression that the support for Apple iOS9 was already built into Update 7 but this says added support in Update 10 only. Is everyone already on Update 10 now? A poll possibly?

The other question is, will the Articulate Updater work with Update 10 and will the update feature on the LMS side work as well?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Gem! Are you confusing versions perhaps?

Storyline 1 Update 10

Storyline 2 Update 7

I'm not sure I'm following your question about the Updater.

The Articulate Updater scans and updates your published courses to add compatibility for new operating systems and web browsers. See this article for release notes and instructions.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gem, 

Could you tell us more about how and where you're testing the content and what you've set up on the slide? There have been discussions previously such as the one linked here, and there are a few good troubleshooting steps to go through. So it may be worth checking into those first, and then if you're still having difficulty we'll want to take a look at the .story file and find out more on where you're hosting the content, what browser or device you're using to test it (ensuring it's one of the supported options here). 

Gem Austria

When publishing to TinCan out of SL2 U7 on the PC browsers Chrome and IE, when you set a quiz set to "unlimited retry attempts": when  you eventually get it all correct at 100%, It tracks on the LMS at 100 but at Incomplete. Our LMS is WestNet, and they suggest it is an Articulate Storyline publishing issue.

Please note that when publishing to TinCan there are no parameters combos that you set (e.g. Pass/Incomplete). Why is this only happening on the PC?

Gem Austria

I don't have a paid account to properly track it in SCORM Cloud if it does indeed have that feature, IDK...

What about the question I posed about SL2 U7 not having any parameter of Pass/Incomplete feature. Could you address that as well?

What do you recommend... please remember this only occurs on the PC browser platform.

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