Storyline snag with 'selected' state and mystery layer object

Nov 15, 2022

Hi. I am creating a simple course for identifying fruit and vegetable characteristics for an EFL audience.

I'm early stages on this project, but am running into some odd glitchy things, so I'm wondering if someone can explain where I'm going wrong.

I have "created a button set" from 4 items on the slide, because I need only one object to be able to be selected before clicking 'submit.'


Here are the mysterious things:


When I preview the slide, it takes numerous clicks of any object for it to become "selected." And even when it is selected, it seems like it's flickering, and only tenuously holding its 'selected' state.

2. There is an object (a 'submit' button) appearing on my "incorrect feedback" layer, which should not be there. It is not there when I am working on the timeline, I've hidden all base layer objects, and triple checked that there is no submit button. But when I preview the dang 'submit' button is sitting right there on the screen.

Storyline vets, I'm all yours.


I'm attaching the .story file here. - sorry a 3rd time to upload the correct file. lol

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Jose Tansengco

Hi James, 

Looks like you attached the published output of your course. The Storyline 360 project file is the file on your computer that is used to open and edit the course in Storyline 360. It has a purple icon and a file extension that ends in *.story. You can upload that file here so members of the community can take a look at how its setup.

Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if that's what you wanted. I removed all triggers that call the Hover state of the various objects. "Hover" is a built-in state which is displayed automatically. I didn't see the Submit button on the Incorrect layer.

James W Henry

Hey Michael-- yes that worked!  The selected stated works correctly now.

As far as not using the built-in hover state, Devlin Peck in his tutorials strongly cautioned against using the built in hover state  as causing unexpected glitches with Storyline projects, so I have been intentionally avoiding them. Don't know if you've heard anything like that before. It could be that he was just talking about buttons and button states, I'm not sure.

Anyway, THANKS MUCH, Michael. I'll let you know if I hit any other snags.