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Hi, I have had much success enbedding animated SWF files into PDFs using Acrabat. I want to know which SWF from a saved/exported project to embed, it seems that the Storyline export produces several SWFs, why can;t it just produce ONE self-contained SWF? Or, is it possible to somehow put them all together into one SWF?

It would be really useful if you could export your Storyline presentation as a PDF with the animation embedded, but I don't even need that, I just want the SWF of the project, ONE not several.

Thanks in advance.

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Al Bruggman

Captivate publishes a self contained swf file. I can add that to a PowerPoint and distribute that powerpoint out for my team, to download a run from their local machine. No Problems with that. 

We do have problems with the swf file that Storyline 2 publishes. It's hard to zip up the extra asset folders and distribute.

Al Bruggman

I'm not sure why someone on this thread stated that "Having one self-contained swf would create several potentially huge issues - caching and performance being the first two."

We do this all the time. At most the trainer needs to right click on the swf in the PowerPoint and click on play. 

Look at the attached image. Notice there is no assets folder. I can import this swf file published from Captivate 9 into a PowerPoint and just share it, without dragging along the story_content folder like Storyline 2 makes you do.

I'll reach out to the development team but this thread is 2 years old. I'm guessing this is not a priority. thanks, Al