.swf files in Storyline 2. Project shuts down after .swf file completes playing

Mar 09, 2017

Here is the situation. I am inserting .swf files (created in Capitvate 8) into my Storyline project. They need to be in .swf format as there is interactivity. Once the .swf stops playing, the entire Storyline project just shuts down. I would like to have it so once the .swf finishes playing, the user clicks Next to continue with the eLearning. Is there some sort of trigger that can be added directly in Storyline to enable this? Help! :)

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Ali Goulet

Hey Kairas!

That doesn't sounds expected, let's see if we can figure out what's happening. Just to verify, are you currently inserting them using the second method described in this tutorial? When you say that the project shuts down, is it freezing completely? Is this happening when previewing right in Storyline 2 itself, or once the course is published? 

If you'd be willing to share your project file here, I'd be happy to take a closer look to see what's going on! Feel free to add it as an attachment right to a comment in this thread. Thanks!

Kairas Mistry

Hi Ali. Yes, I inserted the .swf file using the second method described above. No, the project doesn't freeze it simply exits (both on native desktop and in LMS).

Unfortunately, in the interest of time we have found a work around. We need to go back to the Captivate file (.swf) and add a click box to the last slide. This seems to help alleviate the original issue.

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