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Sep 14, 2015


I am Tracy, a beginner of Storyline 2. I have customized the templates and saved them as new templates. However, some of the pictures are out of alignment after the file saved as .storytemplate. They looked good when the file type is .story.

May I know what's wrong? what's the best way to adjust the pictures in the .storytemplate file?

Thank you very much!


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tracy tan

Hi Ashley

Appreciate your prompt support. I attached two files for your reference.

1) Sabre eCourse Template A (Sep 2015).story file -

2) Sabre eCourse Template A (Sep 2015).storytemplate

I did not change any size when I save the 1st file as .storytemplate. However, the picture in Scene 2 is out of alignment when it is insert as template.  The rest of the templates are no problem.

FYI, the template in scene 2 is copied from another template from storyline 1 - manu -SL1 back up. I also attached it for your info. 

I am still looking for a best way to fix the picture, instead of manually adjust each of the picture in scene 2.


tracy tan

Hi Ashley

Thank you for your reply. The problem is still there after I  tried upgrading.

I have attached 4 file for your reference. Can you help to look it again? Tks!

1) upgrade SL1 to SL2, file name is menu- SL2 back up (Sep 15)

2) copy the template SL 2 to another file named "Template B", the  .story  file is good

3) save the .story file "Template B" as file type .storytemplate, the file is good

4) Created a new .story file, insert Template B. However the picture is  out of alignment.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Tracy for sharing those files. I'm seeing the same thing as you shared when trying to use that final .storytemplate file - in that elements are shifted off to the right and left of the screen. I'm trying to recreate this in another new file, and wanted to confirm the steps you're going through as so far I haven't been able to replicate. 

1. Set up a file in SL1

2. Upgrade that file to SL2

3. Save the SL2 version as a template

4. Start a new file from that template and things are skewed. 

Have you tried saving the SL1 version as a template, and then upgrading that into SL2? How does that version behave? 

tracy tan

Hi Ashley

Appreciate your prompt reply.  

The original template SL1-menu-back up was in SL1. I did not upgrade it, when it copied to SL2, the pictures did not fit well. I did some adjustment then customized it. It all looked good after save as a template. However, when I use this template in a new project, the picture was out of alignment again.

I have now upgraded the original template to SL2 then made a new template which I shared  with you named template B. It looked good after I saved as .storytemplate file. But it went wrong again when it is used by a new project.

I am using Storyline 2 so I cannot create  a file in storyline 1. The problem is the template looked good until it is used by a new project. So I really don't know how to adjust the picture in my template.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

Thanks for sharing those additional steps here - perhaps there is an element of copying the pieces over from SL1 to SL2 that has caused issues in this file? As I mentioned, with a brand new file I set up going through the upgrade process and then saving it as a .storytemplate file and using that one allowed it to work normally once I started a new file with it. Your version behaves a bit inconsistently for me, and sometimes acts as if it won't import the template slides at all. But I am able to open the .story files where everything is laid out correctly and look at duplicating those slides to use as a new project - so for this one you may want to continue using that method to accessing those slides. Just do a save as each time you open it so that you're able to keep the set up the same as you go. 

When working with Storyline files and templates you'll want to make sure you follow along with the steps and guidelines detailed here, as that can cause odd issues or behavior in your project files. 

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