Storyline Text Labels needed for unsupported language

May 31, 2022


I will be needing our content in Nepali, which is not a language currently supported in Storyline's text labels.

I have reviewed some of the old threads about unsupported languages and the process of saving the EN text labels as .xml files, having them translated, and then having them uploaded back into the Storyline project.

On the surface, this seems easy enough - however, our large translation team does not process .xml files and I was wondering if there may be either a) a workaround, or b) a place to gather more detailed information on how this will work. These text labels will be needed for about 45 courses as we are new to supporting Nepali.

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Peter, 

Storyline 360 Text Labels can only be exported only in XML format as of the moment, but if your translation team is unable to process .xml files, then one workaround that you can try is to use a free tool called Smartcat to translate your file. You can create a free account here:

And here's what it looks like when you upload an exported text label XML file in Smartcat for translation: 

After translating each section of the text label, simply download the resulting translation file and upload to your Storyline 360 course to complete the translation of the text labels to Nepali. 

Hope this helps!