Storyline typing way slower than I am.

Feb 19, 2013

This problem began recently, perhaps since the December 2012 update. When I type or delete text, move an object using the arrow keys, etc. Storyline is really s - l - o - w to react. I'll type a word and sit back and wait while Storyline types the word oh so slowly. So slowly that I look around to see if I can multi-task with something else sitting on my desk.

What I've tried: completely shutdown the computer and started again, unplug/replug, slept on it, checked for updates to my Windows 7 and my Articulate Storyline software, browsed the forums, and prayed. Anyone got a clue what my issue is?  

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Renee, 

First - love the pic. I'll have to use that when I go into Typing Wars! 

I have seen this brought up a couple of times in the past. First, we need to determine whether this is project-specific, or system-specific. Does this happen in a particular course, or in any course? If it's a specific course, it may be due to having a lot of high-quality images, or just a ton of content in the project file. Sometimes closing out of Storyline and reopening it can help, from what I've heard.

If it happens in any course, for example a brand new and blank course, then it may be something going on with the computer. Try to make sure you don't have too many programs running in the background. 

If you are able to narrow it down to a specific course, but are unable to determine the cause (what content might be slowing it down), we'd be happy to take a look at the file

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