Storyline update issues

Aug 16, 2012


Since updating Storyline I have had a couple of issues. So far, I have noticed that I get an error anytime I try to copy a slide (from a software simulation). I also noticed that Text Entries do not capture as well or work as well as they did before my update (the text box fills almost the entire screen, not just the particular field I want text entered into). Is anyone else having these same issues. Will there be an update soon that fixes the last update?

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Tracy Buthe

I have submitted a support case about copying a slide from a screen recording, i also cannot import a screen recorded slide from a template or from another storyline file. I cannot duplicate a screen recorded slide and it seems moving them is also problematic. Hope they fix this SOON!! I have created 7 other courses and used these features and i have 2 left to complete and now i have to change how i am doing things.

Haven't had to deal with the text box stuff ... yet.

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