Storyline updates

Sep 27, 2012

How are we made aware of new updates in Storyline when they become available?

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Jill Blaser

So if we have an employee that is no longer with us and another user begins using that license for Storyline, is there a way to get the email changed? Or does that new user just need to always check for updates? We've had a lot of transferring of licenses and have had people miss the update. I just updated someone's today! I'm just trying to find the easiest way to make sure everyone stays current if they don't get the emails.

Matthew Graham

I have an account with them separate from my license, and it sent me an email.  I think you can just setup a new user.  In addition, a popup came up when I opened Storyline that said there was an available update.  Click the "a" button at the top left, and click Storyline options.  Then check the "check for updates on startup."  These two things should cover you.

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