Storyline versus Captivate ~ I need pros and cons for my leadership

I started a new job 3 months ago.  I previously used Articulate to create eLearnings.  My new organization already had a Captivate license when I got here.  I need to document the business case to switch.  I don't have much experience with Captivate, but I want to give it an honest try.  I don't want to switch just because I'm comfortable with one and not the other.  My ask of you is to give me some pros and cons of each.  

Thank you!

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Jennifer Boudreaux

Hi, Katie!

I'm with the Success Team and I'm happy to help! You'll find some community discussions regarding Storyline 2 and Captivate here and here

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I'd love to send you more information to help with your business case. Please send me an email to I look forward to hearing from you!

Jodi Promisel


I've used both to develop demos, try its, practices, etc. In your new job if you need to develop content for technical training, i.e. software simulations - Captivate is the way to go. Articulate isn't robust enough tool handle creating technical training for let's say Oracle. Articulate is fine to use for developing simple software simulations.

One big win using Captivate is it's responsive design feature which always you to create one version of your output but can be viewed via tablet, desktop, or smartphone. You need to have Captivate 8 and up to get this feature.

Good Luck!