Captivate Vs. Articulate

Jul 03, 2014

I am familiar with Captivate, but I have never used Articulate.  I have just accepted a job where I will be using Articulate.  Are they very similar?  Which one do you think is easier to use?

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Jordan Leach

If you are referring to Articulate Storyline, I have used both and have had to make the same transition in the past and although I have a big soft spot for Captivate, I will concede that Storyline is the better program in most areas.

They are very similar in the way they work, but I guess the easiest way to describe the difference is Storyline is like if Captivate and Microsoft PowerPoint had a love child. Storyline is simple, effective, and does almost everything that captivate can do much quicker and simpler. Plus the addition of drag and drops is always welcome! 

I cant see you being too uncomfortable with it, but maybe view some tutorials beforehand and possibly download the free trial and have a play around with it. 

Michael Hinze

@Jordan: If Captivate and Microsoft PowerPoint had a love child, I think it wouldn't be as lovely as Storyline but look like this:

@Sharron: Since you are already familiar with Captivate, you'll up-and-running with Storyline in no time. When I first learned Storyline, I downloaded a trial version and tried to recreate some interactions I knew how to develop in Captivate. It not only helped me to get used to Storyline quickly, but also gave me a sense of what the differences are between CP and SL, in terms of their features. Also I found these tutorials very helpful.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sharron, one way to get up to speed quickly is to try and recreate one of your Captivate projects in Storyline or Studio. I often do this when learning a new tool because it really highlights the similarities and differences between the tools. I also find that if you are focused on building something specific you learn the ins and outs of the tool faster.

Ankit prajesh

 hi Sharron Rogers

 Articulate stroyline   is easy as compare to captivate and stroyline has a lot of feature in it.

storyline is easy to use.


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