PowerPoint 2010 Dilemma & Captivate Rant

May 31, 2011

Does anyone out there run Captivate 4 with PowerPoint 2010?

  • Articulate can run PowerPoint 2010, but only the 32-bit version with the "click-to-run" option turned off as listed in this article: Source.
  • Captivate 5 can use both PowerPoint 2007 & 2010, but it looks like my current Captivate 4 version is only compatible with 2007: Source.
  • I really like the added functionality that I have in PowerPoint 2010. I currently have a non-functioning Captivate 4 license, and I am purchasing the Articulate Professional Suite this summer.
  • eLearning experts: Should I downgrade my PowerPoint 2010 to 2007 so my Captivate 4 will continue working, or should I keep the added functionality of PowerPoint 2010 and exclusively use it with Articulate?


I’ve had a bit of a nightmare attempting to run Captivate at optimal performance on my computer for the last year. Captivate makes my computer freeze up often and wait extremely long periods to load presentations and edit slides. It wasn’t compatible with certain Flash upgrades and I have had to use a number of work-arounds to keep it functioning correctly. When I recently loaded the Articulate trial to my computer, my Captivate stopped working. My IT department hasn’t been able to figure out the issues with Captivate, and it seems like the fix will have to be from my hands. I think it might be the recent PowerPoint upgrade I have mentioned above.

I’d like to know if other eLearning experts have had the same issues around their eLearning software. Have you had any compatibility issues or similar experiences? Does your IT department assist you when you experience problems? I’m finding that many people in eLearning roles have to be their own IT department.

Captivate has been nothing but trouble for me. I was planning running both Captivate and Articulate on my computer, but now I’m thinking about removing Captivate from the picture and exclusively using Articulate to simplify everything. From your experience with using both Articulate and Captivate, would you recommend this? I don’t need to make software simulations, and I’ve heard that Articulate can do everything else similarly or better. From regularly reading the Articulate blog, I’ve been pretty sold on the product. We plan to buy the Professional Suite in the coming month.

Can you think of other situations for why I should keep Captivate on hand?

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Phil Mayor

Heather as the file format did not change between 2007 and 2010 I am sure Captivate 4 will import 2010 files, although I have just tried and cannot get Captivate 4 to see my pptx files

Have you thought about storyline, when released for screen captures with a mouse that can be manipulated and text boxes, easy branching and more, there's nothing that compares to storyline for ease of use

Heather Thomas

Thanks for the feedback. Turns out that our IT department could not fix Captive after the problems I listed above. We had to wipe my entire computer to get it off. Now we have purchased the Articulate Suite and I am very happy with this being my sole eLearning development product. I run it with PowerPoint 2010 and it works great. I've picked up the software very quickly after watching some tutarials and tinkering around a bit.

I do miss Captivate's roll-over feature where you could make additional text boxes appear when a user rolls their mouse over a specific spot. Do you know if Articulate has anything comparable to this?

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