Storyline Video Play/Pause is also play/pausing whole timeline

Hi there,

has anyone a solution to the following issue?

I am using a customized player. On a slide I have 1 video with the video controls underneath the video. 

Additionally I have 3 audiofiles in 3 languages. Depending on the language variable it´s playing one of the 3 audiofiles. 

If the user is pausing the video, the video is stopping but the audio is still playing. But i want video and audio synchronized of course. Therefore I would like to pause the whole timeline when user is stopping the video and resuming the whole timelime if he presses PLAY again. Any idea how to do that with Storyline itsself?


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Richard Lorrain

Good day Nicole,

Best option is to create 3  video files with each language and let the learner choose which one to play.

Since there is no timecode in Storyline, even if you have some sort of success, it can't guarantee the 2 files (video and audio) will always been in sync with each other if learner has control with play/pause and jumping through time on the seekbar.



Nicole Mueller

Dear Nejc,

thanks so much for your input.

Do you know how to do this when using the normal videoplayer?

I want to still have the progress bar and automated time/lenght of the video shown. I tried to adjust the play button by laying a hotspot over it (Trigger: Pause timeline when user clicks & Resume timeline when user clicks).

The first trigger works (pause) but the second doesn´t (resume).

Thanks a lot,


Nejc Žorga Dulmin

Aaa, yes, you cannot use the same button. :)

Try 2 separate buttons, I think that would be the easiest way. Then you can change the state of one to hidden while the other one changes to the normal state. Triggers on the play button would be something like this:

  • Play media
  • Change state of Play to hidden
  • Change state of Pause to normal

And for the Pause button you just do the vice-versa.

In the example above, the initial state of the Pause button should be hidden.