Storyline, videos and Ipads

Jun 29, 2012

Hi guys

Love Storyline! its really making things much better, I have been testing it for a few days and so far I have found that making courses alot easier!

I have a question in regards to the whole iPad/html5 creation part of the system. I resently imported one of the orignal courses I created in PowerPoint, into Storyline. This course had some videos in it, now I know that Articulate could only use flash videos. I was about to test this for the iPad, but I knew that these videos wouldn't work, so I used storyline to embed the orignal videos on to the course and built it. When the course ran, the videos came up black (a black square) in the iPad.

Sooooo does Storyline create courses, but not run videos in the iPad? if the answer is no, is there any way to make the course ignore these slides, if it is been ran on an iPad?

Thanks guys!


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Keith Dykes

Sorry for taking so long getting back to you on this. I have read a few things about it, and so far nothing I have tried to do works.

There has been mentions of a scaling/size issue with videos, but the videos i have used are smaller and unscaled. 

i will try to get something in place for people to have a look at it today.

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