Storyline - what is the best solution for dial-up users?

Jan 21, 2015

Help eL Heroes,

I have just completed two lessons in Storyline. One is 20 MB, the other 30 MB. I've just sent it our for user/technical testing to my pilot group across the company. No issues except for the locations in very remote areas. They are on dial-up internet connections. The lessons each have audio narration throughout and a small video clip. Is there an easy solution? I do not want to change the lesson for the 1,000's of employees without issues, but I do need to accommodate this handful of users.

- Is the solution to make a 2nd version for slow connections (no audio, video, maybe no photos)? If videos are removed what do these users get on these screens as replacements?

- Is the solution to publish some kind of HTML version? Will my interactions (ie. drag n drops work or make any sense)?

I do not want to send out printed versions of the lessons. All my assets are optimized well and I am happy with the output for majority of users.

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Ricky Nox

An original solution you can use is to distribute the course on cdrom. And propose the mandatory tests on an LMS ! 

Quizzes are usually lighter than the course itself and could be compatible with dial-up or mobile network.

So you can check learners have reach the training goal and their understanding by measuring their quiz result. 


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