Storyline Will Not Export to a Word File

I am currently having an issue with Storyline exporting a particular project to Word. When I go through the standard process of exporting everything appears to work correctly. You see the pop up with the blue line moving but when it's complete if you check where you saved it no folder was made. 

I then try to click view document and it pops up the standard there was an error screen. 

I tried to email it to myself and it did send an email but it was an empty zip folder.

I have also tried it on an anouther computer and had the same results.

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Crystal Horn

I agree with your suspicion, Keith. It sounds like it's a file issue.

I've created a priority support case for you. You'll get a confirmation email with an upload link. Can you use that link to share the .story file privately with my team for testing? We'll delete it when we're done troubleshooting. Thanks!