Word doc not showing changes

Apr 27, 2023

Upon creating a Storyline training module with an assessment, I published it to a Word doc. I was then asked to make changes to the Assessment. I made the changes and re-saved the Storyline file. When I tried to republish to Word, however, the changes didn't show up. I tried saving under a different name and in a different folder. I still get the same results. Why is it not saving the changes to Word?  

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Luciana Piazza

Hi Darin, 

Thanks so much for reaching out! Sorry to hear you're running into this issue when publishing your Storyline project to Word. 

I have a few questions in order to better assist you: 

Would it be possible for you to share your .story file with us? I'd like to try and replicate this behavior on my end. You can share within this thread or privately in a support case.

Looking forward to hearing from you!