storyline2 proj keeps crashing over and over

I'm wanting to finish off a project but it's now gotten to a point where whenever I save it, Storyline 2 just hangs then crashes.

Project is 8 slides "long"

3 videos embedded

couple of questionnaires

layers and triggers

  1. On save I get "CompressLengthMisMatch" attachment 1
  2. on reopening I get "The project has been recovered. Save the project to keep the recovered changes" attachment 2

If I try to save the project - please see step 1 

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Lawrence Eaton


All assets are stored locally throughout the duration of the project and then archived off onto a NAS.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lawrence,

Sorry to hear you're having this trouble. Is this happening with any file or just one particular file? If it's just the one file, I would try importing the slides into a new file. If that doesn't work, I'd look at going through the repair steps and then reach out to our Support Engineers if it's still happening they'll be able to help you one on one.