Storyline360 will not save because it says I don't have enough memory.

Storyline360 (latest update v3.12.14647.0) will not save because it says I don't have enough memory. I have a gamer's laptop and no other program is running. Is 2800MB of memory normal?  I have a few tickets submitted with several issues with Storyline 360. No fixes have worked.

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Joanna Williams

It won't let me save at all. As soon as I click on save it pops up with that message. I had to close it out with out saving. I restarted my computer. I stopped unnecessary programs from running and it still overruns with high memory resources.  I have never ever had so many problems with any other software. Storyline1 and Storyline2 were great.  Storyline3 and 360 have had so many glitchy problems.   My computer has 24GB of installed RAM. It's running an Intel Core i7 2.6GHz processor. Is that not enough?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Joanna,

I'm sorry for the persistent issues you've had with Storyline 360 - it's definitely not the experience I'd expect or imagine that you'd continue running into.

I also noticed a few support cases for you, one with Cleo where he was still waiting on information. It seems that in that case Storyline was crashing for you, so that could be connected to what you're experiencing here. 

I'm going to reach out to Cleo with an update so that we can dig deeper into what's happening on your end. 

Joanna Williams

Hi Ashely,

Thank you for your reply. I had two tickets open due to two different issues. Both Cleo and Justin provided the same set of recommended steps which I did. At this point I can now save the projects but the other issues (4 second lag after each step and crashing after importing an object file) still remain.

Dan Newton

I am having this very same issue as well. The same message every time I try to save. I have saved the project under 2 separate names and a back up onto an SD chip. I have had quite a few issues with SL360 since it was first launched, memory issues, file corruption issues and total loss of work.