May 02, 2012

Anyone remember the Flash community ramp up in the early days? Macromedia made a dynamite tool that changed the landscape of the Web. A community almost instantly flooded the Web with gathering places, free files, tutorials and articles. 

A few of the Beta testers have gotten together to start building one segment of the connected community. We think Storyline is going to be huge for the industry and would like to extend the community here (not take away from it).  Once you've gotten a feel for the awesome tutorials offered here, you might be interested in the voice of fellow developers that are outside of the Articulate employee circle. Folks that love and use the tool.

Here are a few starter articles just released on Storylineauthors that will give you another taste of what a remarkable tool Storyline is and what you can do with it. We hope these surprise, delight, and provide some value and insight into the power offered by this brand new tool.

These are just a few of the articles we have ready for release this week with more articles, tutorials and files coming soon to extend the excellent set of community features here. Drop on by if you get a chance and follow @storylineauthor on Twitter for notification of new stuff. 

If you're interested in writing an article or tutorial or have a file you want to share, contact Your articles and files belong to you and you can take them wherever and whenever you please. Reuse and sharing is encouraged

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