Using content from another institution's Articulate 360 tutorials

Nov 06, 2019

My institution has gotten permission to use the content but not images from Austin Community College's online tutorials and adapt it for our library's information literacy modules. I'm wondering how to do this most efficiently. Will I need to download each page separately, or is there a function in Storyline that allows me to import files from another institution? Other suggestions? Thanks for any guidance. 

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Judy Nollet

It seems to me that you need to get the source Storyline files from Austin CC, adapt the content, and then publish it for your own site.

Given that they don't want you to use their images, I'd suggest that they give you copies without the images. Or, if the images have special timings and/or animations, they could use the Replace Picture function to replace each photo with a placeholder image (e.g., create a JPG that says "Photo goes here"). That would ensure that their images don't get distributed.

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