Strange Layer Behaviour in Articulate StoryLIne II

Aug 22, 2015

Hello to all,

It seems lately, I have to many issues around this module.  I am using the player with unrestricted navigation as the project sponsor insist on it. The style and colors have changed so much that I have revisited the slides so many times......anyway, the strange thing that is happening concerns layers.  The base layer does not dim...but subsequent layers hide the items that should not be seen again from the base layer .  I have custom buttons on each slide layer that allow the user to go back and forth if they need to revisit the content.  when I click the first button it goes to the first layer, the next navigation goes to the second layer but appears as if it bringing in a double offset text box.  I have checked all of the objects and cannot find duplicates.  I have checked for animation and do not have any.  The behavior repeats when you navigate back.  the next layer works  but the last layer shows the base layer when you navigate back.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Walt Hamilton


I think the double text boxes are caused by the transitions on the first two layers. Right now, the transition moves the new layer on first. Then after it is fully on, its setting hides other layers, so there is a short time that you see the text on both layers.

There are two ways to deal with it.

1. remove the transitions on those two layers or

2. On each of your custom navigation buttons, add a trigger "hide this layer when clicked on. " Using a trigger to hide other layers allows you to hide the old one before the new one appears.

You may still need to experiment a bit to find the exact effect you want.


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