Strange Mouse Cursor Issue

A designer in my group published a module recently, and we have an extremely bizarre thing happening.

Two users have reported (and we've verified by watching them navigate) that the mouse cursor turns into an I-beam (text entry cursor) toward the bottom of the screen, where the navigation elements are located.

Luckily, we use the menu for this particular group and have directed them to just move forward that way instead of clicking Next, but we have no idea what is causing it. They both have the same issue in IE/Chrome, and everyone in the enterprise has the same Flash installation. I can't find anyone else with the same issue online, and I'm really not sure what else could be causing this (which is frustrating, because I can usually troubleshoot my way out of anything!).


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Rich Cordrey


No screen recording. Just a standard SL module. The mouse cursor is the actual mouse cursor on the user's system. This issue, however, only occurs on the SL module window. Around the bottom third, the mouse becomes an I-beam cursor, no matter the size of the module window (happens on a maximized window, and a manually resized window all the same).

Out of all the users that have taken the course, only two have reported it, so I'm not hopeful that anyone will be able to recreate it, but it's worth a shot!

I've attached it here.

Rich Cordrey

And to clarify why this is an issue (I don't think it was clear enough in the original after re-reading), users cannot navigate or use any controls at the bottom of the screen as a result. The cursor changes and then is useless for the purpose of clicking buttons and such (just as an I-beam cursor is). 

Emily Ruby

Hi Rich,

Thanks for sharing the file. Unfortunately I was not able to repro after viewing the course 3 times. This does sound more like a system issue than an issue with the software. Are they seeing this on a particular browser? They may want to test other just to makes sure it isn't something in their browser settings.

I am sure if others have come across this, they will jump in with some ideas.

Rich Cordrey

MIke and Emily, thanks for replying. 

I can't duplicate either, which is why I'm leaning toward a system issue. I'm not expecting to hear any sort of SL fix for this, as I don't believe the module itself has a problem.

It does happen immediately on the second slide for those users who have encountered it (3 total now, out of several hundred). 

Just hoping someone else may have experienced something similar and found a system cause for it. Cornerstone is the LMS it's running through.