Strange Quiz Question Response with HTML5 output from Storyline 2

Mar 24, 2015


I am getting a very strange response from my quiz questions in HTML5 output with Storyline 2.  I am pooling 4 questions from a larger pool (28 questions I think) randomly to give a quiz.   In the HTML5 output, if a student tries to "submit" the question using the the "submit" button on the player, without actually selecting an answer, the feedback box that normally tells them to pick an answer to continue actually does pop up, but then it actually tries to load the next question into it and you are then stuck there.  There is no way to continue at that point either from the popup box or the player itself... it all becomes locked and stuck on that screen.  Mind you, the flash output works just fine, it just says "hey answer the question" or whatever, just like its supposed to, but the HTML5 output brings up that box, but then just tries to load the next question into that little pop-up box.  Also... this ONLY happens if I publish with the menu in "restricted" mode.  If I publish in "free" mode, it works just fine even in HTML5, but somehow "restricted" mode is totally throwing this question response for a loop.   I can't use Free mode because I can't allow students to skip past the quiz or any slides in the section without viewing all of the content (or in this case answering the 4 questions.)

I attached 2 screenshots of what it looks like in flash output, and the same actions in HTML5 output (from the same published files.)

Any ideas?

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Eric Allen

I believe I have a workable solution to this by simply using triggers to make sure that at least one box was checked before allowing the "submit" button to proceed.  In that case clicking the submit button just does nothing, but I suppose I could probably program it to do something else.  if it meets all of those conditions as well.  Either way, from what I can tell this is still a bug with the Storyline 2 "default" invalid feedback response, unless I hear back otherwise.  Per my previous post, it worked no problem at all with the SWF output (story.html) but the same output to story_html5.html produced the second screenshot. 

Eric Allen

Hi Emily, I do have an active support ticket, and have exchanged messages with a staff member there, and which has been escalated to the QA department.  I tested it locally and noticed it there first, then I uploaded it to our web server and confirmed that the issue was the same in both environments.  I have since implemented a workaround where I just used a trigger with several conditions to make sure that an option was selected before allowing the user to click on the "submit" button.  This does seem to resolve the issue, but the problem is when we have huge Quiz Banks, I would rather not have to do that on every single question with several triggers with options "if this option is selected OR if this option is selected OR if this option is selected, etc. etc.'s".  I would much rather have to simply rely on the default "Please select an answer" feedback response from articulate, rather than doing all of the response validation myself.

Jason Kniser

I know this thread is about 2 years old, but I'm hoping there has been a solution during that time, as we have been experiencing a similar issue. Within the final post-test, a feedback box appears and attempts to load the result slide within it. It doesn't appear to happen on the same questions or even every time, but it does happen often enough for it to become a nuisance for our help desk. Course was developed with SL2.

Eric Allen

Hi Jason,

I'm curious if you published this course in the earlier days of SL2, or if it was more recent.   I can say that the issue that I had above, I no longer have to use triggers for, as we no longer have this issue.   We still to this day joke about how many "work around" triggers we used to have to use in the earlier SL2 days.   It seemed that over time Articulate patched many of the issues that we were having, and we no longer have to do triggers all over the place to cover ourselves.

Ali Goulet

Hey Jason!

So sorry that's happening- thanks for letting us know and sharing that screenshot.

Eric's suggestion is a great place to start. Double check and make sure you're running the latest update for Storyline 2, update 12. If not, you can download it right over here.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, can you share a copy of your unpublished .story file here so I can do some testing? You can add it as an attachment right to a comment.

Thanks again!

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