STUCK! Mobile auto zoom for data entry boxes

We're experiencing an issue on tablets and mobile phones. When a data entry box is used, the learner is able to tap into and add text. However, their keyboard pulls up and the screen automatically zooms in to making typing easier. The problem comes in when learners are done. There is no easy way to zoom back out. The screen stays stuck in the zoomed in position. Scrolling the screen to try to click outside doesn't work either. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Ren Gomez

Hi Megan,

Thanks for getting a case started with our support team to figure out what's happening during a data entry interaction on a tablet or phone.

I see my teammate, Gerald, has requested a copy of your course for further testing as we don't have any related bugs associated with what you're seeing. Let him know if you're able to share the file to dig deeper!

I'll follow along to share any relevant insight with you, Paul. You can also connect with our support team here if you'd like us to lend a hand with your course!