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Sep 21, 2016


I have had an issue with storyline for a while with regard to the submit button to a try me. The issue being that when the user clicks submit, the interaction does not work. This happens both on the default submit button and any custom one that is created.

After articulate looked at the matter for me, I was advised that I should reinstall storyline, which I did.

However the issue is still happening both on my computers and that of my clients.

On further investigation, I have found out that the issue appears only when I have changed the settings within the menu tab to restrict / lock the menu option. If it remains as free, then the interaction works.

does anybody know if this is how storyline is meant to work.

Thanks in advance for all your help

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Andrew 

In SL2 with a restricted or locked menu, the player Next button is only available once the timeline has ended...I haven't heard of the Submit button being affected.

Can you test one of your slides to see if the timeline is longer than the try me interaction and once the timeline finishes if you can click Submit?

Andrew Miskell

Hi Wendy,

Thank you so much  for responding. 

The timeline is only 4 secs, and nothing happens when it ends.

The try me interaction does not work if I restrict / lock the menu option, however it works fine with the option set to free.

I did send a screen recording to articulate with this issue, and they recommended installing the software again, which I did.

My clients are now also seeing this issue, and have come to me for advice.

Thanks again.      

Andrew Miskell

Hi Ashley.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I provided a MP4 to Mike of the problem and he recommended a full re install.

My concern is that this issue is now on other colleagues PCs in totally separate locations.

As mentioned, I can resolve the issue by not locking / restricting the menu function. But my clients want this functionality.

Please feel free to call if further clarity is needed.

Many thanks

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