submit button not going to right slide

Feb 10, 2014

I am trying to create a slide that has an essay question on it.  When the user hits submit, I want it to submit the essay, change a variable to true, and then navigate to a specific slide.  

I can get it to do the first 2 things (submit essay, change variable), but it always goes to the next slide instead of the slide I want it to.  I have tried rearranging the order of triggers, but then the other triggers don't work right.  

I have attached a screenshot of the triggers so you can see what I'm talking about!  Thanks in advance.

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Kevin Thorn

Hi Poppy,

Looking at your screenshot, one thing that jumps out to me is where you are adjusting the variable to True. It is currently tied to the Submit button. Meaning, the variable is probably changing to true as you designed, but because it's also tied to the user clicking, Storyline is going to *jump* along with changing the variable along the way. 

What you want to to is change the variable before the user clicks the Submit button. Then, the condition of the variable will determine where the user goes when they click.

Try moving the trigger that changes the variable to one of the essay text boxes. For example: Adjust variable [name] to True when the control loses focus. You probably only need it on one of your essay text boxes though and not all three.

At this point the variable is now True and when clicking the Submit button the condition can now be evaluated. 

That should work.

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