Submit button working while reviewing quiz

Dec 17, 2023

Hi, I created a multiple choice quiz. At the results page I have a "review" button.

I also created a "total correct" variable: out of 14 questions, you have # correct. Each mc question has a trigger that adds 1 point to that total variable when the correct answer is selected.

This works fine, except, when you review the quiz, the submit button still works and then it doubles the score in the end. Is there a way to disable the submit buttons for each question while reviewing?

Thanks! Irene


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Judy Nollet

It's hard to troubleshoot without seeing the .story file. 

Did you add triggers to your question slides to show the Submit button? If you use Storyline's question slides, the Submit will automatically appear when the user is taking the quiz. And, with the default programming on a Results slide, the Submit button will automatically be hidden during the Review Quiz function. Instead, the program shows the PREV and NEXT buttons, so the user can move through the questions--but without being able to re-answer them. 

Using the built-in functionality of Storyline quizzes (that is, Graded questions and a Results slide), you could accomplish what you want without any special programming.

Do this on each question slide:

  • In FORM VIEW, adjust the point value so that each question is worth only 1 point.

      • That will make the value of the built-in [Quiz]ScorePoints variable equal to the number of correctly answered questions.  (Note: Storyline automatically adds the built-in variables to track quiz scoring when you insert a Results slide.)
  • If you want to show the score as the user progresses through the quiz, insert a reference to the [Quiz]ScorePoints variable. That will automatically update the score when the user clicks the Submit button. 

The attached file demonstrates all this.

Julia Kolbe

Hi Irene,

when I'm creating quizzes and have learners review their answers afterwards, I choose "resume saved state" in the slide properties from the bottom right. This way they will only see what they've chosen but not be able to change and re-submit. You'd need to enable player navigation, this way the submit button will be replaced with Prev/Next once they revisit the slide.

Slide Properties

Judy Nollet

FYI: I always set the "When revisiting" option to "Automatically decide" for graded questions and results.

Quizzes have built-in functionality, so Storyline knows what to do when the user is (re)answering a question (reset to initial state, with the Submit button showing) and when the user is reviewing a question (resume saved state, with the Prev and Next buttons showing). This works automatically when you use the Review Quiz and Retry Quiz buttons on a Results slide. 

Irene, if you are using built-in question and results slides, and there are no triggers added to show the Submit button, yet you are still seeing it during a built-in review, that would be "unexpected behavior."  Something may have corrupted your file. I suggest you contact the Articulate staff directly: Contact Support for Help with Any Articulate E-Learning Course Development Software


I don't think it's my file. I tried a new quiz, just one page, with a
results page, and no matter what theme I choose from Articulate 360, all
reviews are with the submit button. In fact, I tried multiple times, and I
get the same results all the time. I think Articulate should have a look at
that and change that, since it's not really functional to have that button
in the review mode.
I appreciate your information very much! Thanks, Irene

Judy Nollet

When I create a new file with a quiz based on one of the themes, the Submit button is not shown during Review. I haven't seen other posts with this issue, so I'd guess your file or version of Storyline is corrupted. 

As I said above, you should contact the Articulate staff directly: Contact Support for Help with Any Articulate E-Learning Course Development Software