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Jun 22, 2018

Hi all,

I've created an assessment using Storyline 2 which is reporting incorrectly.

The assessment is randomised and Drawn From Question Bank.

In publishing settings, I select 'Track Using Quiz Result: Results Slide' with the Reporting status  'Passsed/Incomplete'.

What I'm finding in both ScormCloud and my LMS (LearnPro) is that scores are being reported even when the Results Slide hasn't been reached.

For instance, a user begins the assessment but closes the module on Question 2 - either intentionally to return later or by mistake. A score is being passed to the LMS at this point.

This is causing me a major headache as users are panicking because they're being shown to've failed the assessment multiple times on the LMS - if they've closed and reopened.

I've had a careful look at all my settings and triggers and can't see anything amiss.

I'd be extremely grateful of any help.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Gareth.  Thanks for sharing your project file.  I published and uploaded to SCORM Cloud as well.  I'm seeing that if I exit on the first slide, there is no score reported.  If I exit from the first question without answering, no score.  But as soon as I answer the first question and then exit, I get a score of 0% until I actually reach the results slide.

I'm going to get clarification from our team on what should happen.  I would think that nothing in the score field would change until the learner reaches the results slide, but that's not what's happening here.

Crystal Horn

Hey Gareth, just to follow up.  Articulate courses send a score to the LMS when leaving each slide by design.  Completion information, however, will be sent with the results slide.  

Let your learners know that the LMS will keep track of their score as they leave and resume the quiz, but it won't register as complete until they've hit the results slide.  I hope that helps!

Gareth Clarke

Hi Crystal, sorry for the late thanks, but thanks!

I've found a solution to this by working with the LMS developers. They had a non-functioning option to report on each visit which has now been fixed. I removed the 'submit answer' trigger from all Question Bank slides to be on the safe side - with results still being tallied correctly - but I'm not sure what affect this ultimately had.

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