Submit results more than one times using JAVA

Dec 23, 2016

Hello everybody.

I have following problem. I need to give the possibility to submit result slides more than one times.

I need to design a course  like a game (uploaded to an LMS - scorm 1.2 - using SL1), where the learner can decide to answer a variable number of question. It is not really important to track passed/incomplete, but rather the percentage/points reached. 

The idea is to record the result reached everytime the enter the game. 

I never wrote a JavaScript but perhaps you or other can help me.

I attach a sample in the post

Is anybody able to help me for Christmas :)?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Ali Goulet

Hi Silvia! Hope you had a great holiday :) I can't provide insight here in regards to Javascript but I did want to pop in and share this Javascript Best Practices and Examples article for some things to keep in mind while you're beginning to dabble in it.

Hopefully our more JS savvy community members will be able to chime in here to assist as they're easing back in from holiday mode!

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