Subscripts in storyline 2

Nov 24, 2014

I have 6 modules with an extensive use of chemical formulas and subscripts.  Since updating, the subscripts are smaller but they are not appearing in the needed "sub" position. How do I get a subscript to be a subscript?

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Kathleen Fitzgerald
Emily Ruby

Hello Kathleen, 

Here is an image of using Verdana font. This is the published output, and it is going below the base line of the text. Are you viewing in preview mode, or published mode?

Also, just an FYI, when you use the "reply" function to post from your emails, it will copy over your email signature information. You can edit your post to remove this. You will want to click on the title of the thread from the email to get a direct post without your email signature.

Steve Gannon

Hi Stoo,

Assuming you are using a slide master with a slide title placeholder, you can insert a subscripted symbol into the title using Storyline's Insert > Symbol function (using Storyline's built-in subscript feature won't work). A screenshot of the symbol dialog box is attached below. Note that I selected the Subset "Superscripts and Subsripts" to locate the subscripted "6."

Alternately, you can insert the symbol in Word and copy/paste it into the slide title within the Menu feature of Storyline's Player.


Symbol Dialog Box

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