Success Factors Scorm content not completing

Jan 30, 2015


I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. We have just launched Success Factors LMS and we have IContent where we are hosting all of our Scorm 1.2 content.  All of the completion criteria is set correctly on Success Factors LMS, but having completed the online course, it is not showing as complete.  Can anyone advise might be wrong.  When it was hosted on skillport it completed without any problems.

Thank you



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david varga


This is what we are now doing that works in SF.


In Admin > Learning > Item > Online content

settings > Online Content.

top two check boxes checked.
completion status is ONLINE-C (Completed) for Credit
The appropriate AICC radio button is selected

In the AICC and SCORM darkened area, we leave them as the default, that
Allow users to review content from completed works is checked
AICC Max-Normal is set as 99

In Admin > Learning > Item > Online content, click the lower link.

Mastery score is set at 70 (same as the threshold score in the Measurable)

Record learning event when content passed is checked


Kristel Butterworth

Hi All,

We have managed to get ours to work and it had nothing to do with our actual content but rather the issues with being an Australian based company using a US based software provider. Although all of our time zones are set to Australian time zones there still seem to be issues with elements of the system and the time zone of the client. Our content would not sign off if you completed the module on the same day it was assigned to you. This was fixed by going to System Admin>Configuration>Global Variables and ticking the box Grant Credits for events completed the day before assignment date. Although you aren't completing the content before it was assigned to you, this was definitely the cause. After reading some articles on the community it turns out this is a common issue with Australian customers.

Hope this helps someone else one day



Kathy Boyd

I am having a similar issue. We are using Storyline360 and I have a 5 question quiz with the results slide set for the 5 questions. The quiz/publishing settings are SCORM 1.2 with a passed/failed setting. I get the completed score in Scormcloud but it still shows incomplete and the scores are not showing the Success Factors in the history. Any help is appreciated.

david varga

Hi Kathy,

My experience is only with using Articulate Presenter and Storyline 2 with
SuccessFactors. You'd think with SCORM compliancy (not compatibility) with
the LMS and the authoring programs we would not be discussing this!

We ended up publishing AICC with the measurable being set to a final exam
at the end and they scored above a threshold marking it
completed/incomplete, if only that exam being a true false question
stating they completed the course by getting to the end and clicking
true. Once we did that we had no completion issues, we must have a few
hundred successful thousand completions in the 1.5 years since we switched

There is a legal component that pushed us into using completed/incomplete.

Since then I received the below from another forum user which I (wanted to
but) did not test - perhaps it will be of use to you...

We were encountering the same issue and were provided a solution that
appears to be working for us. If you publish the course in SCORM 2004 using
"Passed/Incomplete" then it successfully transfers completion to
SuccessFactors LMS.

Dave Varga
New York Life

Beth Uiveleth

I have also found a work around to an extent. I can get SuccessFactors to report the course as complete/incomplete, and also add the percentage score in the learner's history. It was a combination of LMS settings, and course publishing settings. 

Any information in the instructions below should be changed as required according to your configuration:

First, I publish the course to the host as SCORM 1.2.  Attached are some screenshots on my standard course/quiz/survey publishing settings (1.PNG - 4.PNG).

Next, I had to link the actual content object path in SuccessFactors under Admin > Content> Content Objects > (Search for the object in question). Once found, select the edit icon, and go to Summary. Verify the domain is correct, the content object is active, and the content object is online. 

Then click on the Launch Method left menu. Make sure that the version of SCORM that the course was published with is selected, and verify that the filename is reset to the url path of the hosted object (even if on iContent). Many times it will be something like index.html.

If this is the case, change it to whatever the path is: .../.../.../index_lms_html5.html. You can also enable mobile access and use the same url for the Mobile Filename option. When done, click apply changes. 

The course content object will need to be added to an item as online content, set up with the object settings in (5.PNG), set up with the following item settings in (6.PNG), and assigned to a test user for verification. 

The result once completed is found in (7.PNG).


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Allyncia,

This discussion and that workaround mentioned is quite a bit older. The submit results trigger can still reside on the base layer, so I'm not sure what was occurring in the other LMSs where Jacinta needed to place a trigger on the correct and incorrect layers.

If you've run into something similar, it will help to know a bit more detail:

  • What version of Storyline are you using?
  • Where are you hosting your content?
  • What browser(s) are you using to test? 
  • Is this happening in the Flash/HTML5 output? 
  • What publishing/tracking settings have you used? 

That'll help us point you in the right direction to ensure your content works as you'd expect! 

Ash Arrowsmith

Hi everyone

I know this is an old thread but I'm hoping to revive it. We are using Success Factors LMS and the iContent Server to host our eLearning content. We are using Storyline 2 and SCORM 1.2.


We are facing similar issues with completions. All courses have been tested on SCORM Cloud which works perfectly, as does Internet Explorer.

Most of our issues are in Microsoft Edge. Basically, the custom X button (with 'exit course' trigger) doesn't work on the last slide and when the user exits the in-line player it doesn't track completion. When the user reopens the course, it goes back to the beginning rather than prompting to resume. The 'prompt to resume' function has been selected in the player - and as mentioned, it works perfectly in IE11. The prompt to resume function also doesn't work if someone exits the course using the inline player's 'X' button in Edge part way through the course.

This issue sometimes pops up in Chrome but not always.

I have included the completion javascript on the last slide (triggered on start of timeline) and this hasn't made any difference to the completion reporting.


Interestingly, if we set the LMS to launch the content in a new browser window, we don't see these problems in Edge - only in the in-line player. We can't use the 'launch in new window' function as we have a huge contractor base completing our training with their own computers -  so pop-up blockers would be a problem.


The initial advice we got was that the content must be the issue but this doesn't make sense given it works perfectly in SCORM Cloud and IE. SF are looking into it further at the moment for us after we had provided videos to demonstrate the anomalies. Has anyone else experienced anything like this and if so, what was the solution? Is it actually something course related or does this sound more like an LMS issue?


I have attached two videos:

* Microsoft Edge - in player: this video shows how the X button doesn't work and completion isn't recorded

* Microsoft Edge - Launch in new browser window: this video shows how the X button doesn't work but completion is recorded.


Thank you for your help!

Roger Reeves

Hi Ash, I have seem similar issues with some of our content (and which server it's running on).  What content server is your content hosted on (e.g. SF iContent or an internal web content server)?

IE is still an older heavier-weight browser that can handle tracking cache/cookies for the resume bookmarking to work.  However, the modern-day, lighter-weight browsers like Edge, Chrome or Safari rely on the server-side to handle the bookmarking and other HTTP traffic for tracking communications between the user's device, the content server, and the LMS.

We're still fighting issues for not having the cross-domain solution (CDS) application installed on our internal web content servers and users expecting everything to work seamlessly with the LMS.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ash! Thanks for sharing all of that helpful detail. We are not supporting Microsoft Edge for Storyline 2 output.

It sounds like you are intermittently experiencing issues in Chrome, too. Can you nail down whether it's happening in the HTML5 output when it happens in Chrome? I realize it may be hard to tell, especially if these issues are coming from learners.

david varga

Hi, I think I was the originator of this post.

We did not have such numerous issues with SCORM 1.2 in our SF LMS. What it
was - was the SCORM 1.2 publishes simply would not complete in any browser
on our LMS. This after successfully testing the same publish on

The solution for us was to publish to AICC, completed/incomplete. From that
moment on it worked in all browsers on our LMS. We did not add javascript
for this to work, and this was before Articulate Storyline 360 with the
available trigger at the end. Hope that helps... AICC with
completed/incomplete. It might work with AICC pass/fail, but for other
reasons we do not want to use the pass/fail wording so I never tested that


Deborah Thuesen

Hi there, we are experiencing the same problems here. 3 out of 4 modules aren't completing. They all complete on the Storm cloud, but don't in SF. We are using Storyline 360, publishing in scorm 1.2 and have course completion trigger over exit button. It is happening in all browsers and is really frustrating. Please can you assist. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Deborah,

That does sound frustrating. I'm sorry you're running into those issues in SuccessFactors! 

Thanks for letting us know you already tested your courses in SCORM Cloud. Since everything works well there, I would recommend sharing that information with your LMS administrator as a next step.

Also, as another poster suggested, you may want to try publishing with AICC and Completed/Incomplete. Let us know how you make out!

Andrea Stone

Hello all, 

I happened upon this thread looking for something else, and wanted to offer a solution to some SuccessFactors troubles. You need to publish in SCORM 2004, 2nd edition. SuccessFactors has very limited data space for SCORM 1.2 courses to hold user's suspend data (like progress data, variables, etc.). SCORM 2004 has a lot more space to hold that data. AICC will work for the a similar reason, but the SCORM 2004 will allow you to capture more reportable data from your quizzes. Good luck! 

Sasha Malone

Hi Andrea, we are are having issues with courses not completing and tracking progress (randomly with no obvious reason why).  Sometimes we get lucky with a browser issue or VPN issue.  Do you think publishing in SCORM 2004 will help with this issue?  We currently publish in SCORM 1.2.

A lot of people all over the country need to do our courses and now a lot are working from home on various networks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Andrea Stone

Hi Sasha, 

Publishing in SCORM 2004 will help with your issue for sure. SuccessFactors says that SCORM 1.2 doesn't allow the system to hold on to enough data, but even if we just have a course that completes based on slide count without a lot of interactions, we still have issues with it completing if published as SCORM 1.2. So definitely publish as SCORM 2004.

If you were used to just grabbing a link from your file server (iContent or other), publishing as SCORM 2004 changes the way you have to import the courses. You can't just grab the link from the server and add it to the Content Object parameters. You have to use the official SCORM Import tool in the admin interface. I'm not a fan of that, but it is what it is. 

Unfortunately, this process creates a SCORM wrapper in the SF LMS that we didn't like and worked against the settings in our Storyline file. I have attached instructions on how to remove this wrapper. But it is definitely a seemingly needless step! 

Finally, after all of this, we STILL have issues with SF and completions. It is far better with SCORM 2004 than SCORM 1.2 with about a 12-15% incompletion rate versus a 1-3% incompletion rate. But there is still something going on with communication between the SF system, the user's computer, and the SCORM file server. This is probably exacerbated with all the different network configurations and security settings with a more distributed workforce. We have gone round and round with SF to find the root cause and have basically given up other than publishing as SCORM 2004 which does help. 

Feel free to PM me if you have additional questions! We are all in this together! :) 



Andrea Stone

In my experience, SF support isn't very deep on the mechanics of eLearning, and they are quick to put problems back on the content. It took us a long while and lots of tickets to find this solution too. Good luck converting. There are some wrapper tools and converters online that you could probably use to adjust the existing manifests, but we just opened our old .story files and republished. I didn't want to introduce anything else into SF that might make it perform poorly!