Success Factors Scorm content not completing

Jan 30, 2015


I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. We have just launched Success Factors LMS and we have IContent where we are hosting all of our Scorm 1.2 content.  All of the completion criteria is set correctly on Success Factors LMS, but having completed the online course, it is not showing as complete.  Can anyone advise might be wrong.  When it was hosted on skillport it completed without any problems.

Thank you



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Jeff Forrer

Andrea, thank you for this.  Any idea on how to remove the "Verify Course Completion" button (see attached) at the top?  I am not sure if that is controlled by a SuccessFactors setting or not. i have searched documentation, forums etc. and could not find an answer.  I don't have access to SF only my client does. Thank you.