SuccessFactors LMS & Storyline integration

Aug 03, 2018

Hi  all,

This is a detailed manual for uploading Storyline  courses to SuccessFactors LMS


Publish StoryLine using  SCORM 2004 4th edition with Pass / incomplete

In SuccessFactors
Content > tools > Import Content > add new content

Import the Course file

Edit content object and rename the content object ID – it will be easy to search this content later.

Edit the content object ID

Run the import Job


Now create a new online item
Go to online content > select Settings

Click the + sign > add content object

Save and assign the item to user



Successfactors Reports

you can run "SCORM Exam Detail report" to see all user attempts $ answers



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Laurel Brooks

Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone needs the info!

I've been running around in circles trying to get my module to report to Success Factors correctly. I needed both the completed status and the quiz result data to show in the SCORM report. My missing link was to upload the content and THEN put it into a content package. Once I added the content package to the learning item--everything worked great!

Also, changing the settings in Success Factors to "record learning event when content passed" and "record learning event when content failed".

Hope this helps!

Andrea Stone

I saw some folks here reporting that they couldn't get the SCORM detail reports to work in SuccessFactors. In our experience, you must use the Content > Import Content process for SuccessFactors to report out the SCORM details. If you upload your course to a server and try to provide the link in the Content Object setup (as you can with SCORM 1.2), your course will play, but it won't collect the results at the detailed level. 

Alex Arathoon

Just what we needed for uploaded to SF -  We have set our LMS reporting as guided Passed / Incomplete.

We had some courses set as Completed/Incomplete and learners aren't able to complete their courses. So we're making them all consistent.

Also, they report they can not resume their courses.

Also, using a Course Complete trigger and an Exit course trigger on the last page.
However, we are using SCOM 1.2 not 2004 as pictured.

I've always used 1.2 as it has been around and LMSs seems to play nicely with. This article is a few years old so is 2004 4th a more stable way of logging complete courses?

Would 1,2 work just as well?

Jessa Molyneux

Hi there,

Was there ever a best practice regarding the 1.2 vs 2004? I ask because we are running into different issues in Success Factors with about 10% of users - they have tried different browsers but doesn't make a difference. etc. The errors across different modules launched include:
ie. "course not completing"
ie. "error course not initializing"
ie. "Problem with API initializing"

 They complete in scorm cloud - if there are any recommendations it would be appreciated!

s amer


I have 160 courses to publish for Success Factors for my client.

Has any breakthrough been made with Success Factors registering the Completion Status?

My client has confirmed that all the settings are correct but the completion Status just isn't working.

I am publishing SCORM2004 4th Edition and it works on SCORM Cloud.

I see the solution with Cue points, but this will take a while to implement on each course!

I don't have direct access to Success Factors myself or their support.

Any help gratefully received.

Mata Henry

Do the onlines have lots of long videos, long timely storyline embedded content? If so, then the user may have timed out. In our experience of SuccessFactors (SF), the system does NOT identify video content or storyline content, and as such, times out our users. Dont know how SF is implemented, but if like ours, we have to keep any of this particular content at max 2mins long. Everything works in Scorm Cloud for me too, but SF... well... terrible.