SuccessFactors LMS & Storyline integration

Hi  all,

This is a detailed manual for uploading Storyline  courses to SuccessFactors LMS


Publish StoryLine using  SCORM 2004 4th edition with Pass / incomplete

In SuccessFactors
Content > tools > Import Content > add new content

Import the Course file

Edit content object and rename the content object ID – it will be easy to search this content later.

Edit the content object ID

Run the import Job


Now create a new online item
Go to online content > select Settings

Click the + sign > add content object

Save and assign the item to user



Successfactors Reports

you can run "SCORM Exam Detail report" to see all user attempts $ answers



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Laurel Brooks

Hi everyone,

Just in case anyone needs the info!

I've been running around in circles trying to get my module to report to Success Factors correctly. I needed both the completed status and the quiz result data to show in the SCORM report. My missing link was to upload the content and THEN put it into a content package. Once I added the content package to the learning item--everything worked great!

Also, changing the settings in Success Factors to "record learning event when content passed" and "record learning event when content failed".

Hope this helps!