Advice? SCORM 2004 (v4) results not reporting in LMS

I've got a teeth-grinder issue with a course not recording properly in our SuccessFactors LMS.

Course designed in Storyline 2

Published using SCORM 2004, v4.  (Content object reflects that.) 

Most are multiple choice questions.  Two numeric fill in the blanks. No multiple response questions. 

We're able to get through the entire course. Course Results slide publishes pass/fail.  However, that pass/fail is not reflected in our SuccessFactors LMS.

Results are same in IE11 and Google Chrome.

Course will successfully complete when testing in SCORM Cloud.



Course is not marked complete in SuccessFactors. 

Results from SCORM Exam Detail:
"This report did not return any results. Try updating the search filters and running the report again." (we need these details!)

Results from Online Item Status (partial)

User Credit: No
User Finished: Yes
Object Credit: No
Object Finished: Yes
Time: 1:04:50
Times Entered: 13

I am also able to find an indicator that SuccessFactors knows I got a score of 91%. Passing is 85%. 


Any ideas?

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Ali Goulet

Hi Paul!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out here, I can certainly understand how frustrating that must be. Since you mentioned that everything appears to track correctly when testing in SCORM Cloud, I would recommend reaching out to SuccessFactors for additional troubleshooting and insight as to why this may be happening as it appears to be an LMS specific issue. I did also find this thread regarding a similar issue that may be of value to you with some workarounds provided by other SuccessFactors users. Otherwise, perhaps community members using SuccessFactors may be able to chime in here as well.