Suggestions for Easier editing.

You know what I love? I love when I have a slide that is around 15 seconds long with about 5 or 6 captions or objects on top of 1 short screen recording. It is super easy to edit. I can easily and accurately point at whatever point of the timeline I want  to line up the objects and captions to specific parts of my screen recording.

You know what i hate? I hate it when I am working with a 45 second slide/ screen recording and trying to add captions/ objects to this. It is not as accurate and there is a delay to see what part of the screen recording I am on, so it takes forever to get everything synced perfect. If I want an accurate guess of  whether or not i have placed the object in the correct spot  I have to preview the slide, which we all know is not very fast. 

So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for making this more manageable.

( break up into multiple slides?) 

I have seen the screen recordings that our the Articulate makers create to show us in the tutorials section. they are 5 + minutes long. Do they have some method that makes this easier? Any help would be appreciated.

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