Surface pro, scrolling panel properties

Feb 13, 2020

My client uses a Surface Pro for their learning, and as such, has caused the need to find workarounds for some elements of the course. One such 'quirk' is the scrolling panels. When trying to move a scrolling panel (when viewing the SCORM file), I'm not able to scroll up by placing my finger at the top of the panel. It's not until the content has passed the end of the panel (where the content goes beyond the end of the panel). Equally the same if at the very bottom of the page, I'm not able to place my finger at the bottom of the panel/page. It's like I have to position my finger 'just so' for it to work. Surely it shouldn't matter where I've placed my finger if the content overflows? Is there any way to change these properties, or know of a workaround to make the page 'appear' to be scrolling? This will be something my client will definitely pick up on, and I need to have exhausted all possibilities or options before telling them it's not changeable. I've been looking online to no avail.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Blue!

Unfortunately, you've come across an active bug where scrolling panels don't behave as expected when using a Surface Pro. It's the touch screen gesture that is affecting the scrolling panels. I've added your comments to our active report as we are continuing to track customer impact!

I'm so sorry this is affecting your course! I'll report back when I hear of an update.

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