Survey multiple likert scale output on one slide

Jul 21, 2021

Hi everybody,

We have been trying to create a survey that has a set of likert scale questions on a single slide in Storyline. 

When we look at the results in the LMS we find that all the answers are recorded in a single row of the CSV instead of an entry per question.

Looking around in the community I can only find "hacky" solutions to get this to work. And most threads are more than a year old.

Am I missing something? Is there a reasonable way of having each "statement" report its own result to the LMS using the built in likert scale question?


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Sherman Binas

Same here with our Learning Systems/ Instructional Design team.  Using Articulate 360 and are having exact same issues with Likert scales:

- We use Cornerstone for our LMS and can't seem to find the survey results in there as if they aren't being reported to the LMS.

- Printed results only show one line and each of several statements and the user's chosen answers are bunched up in one field in that line.

Becca Levan

Thanks for reaching out, Bas and Sherman!

Survey questions are not graded as a default, so there isn't a built-in way to score them in Storyline, and Storyline doesn't control the report formatting in an LMS.

When using SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004, the answers will be shown in one column, which is what you are experiencing. If your LMS accepts TinCan API, you can test it in SCORM Cloud to see if it’s a better fit.

Sherman - For survey results to be reported, you'll want to make sure you add a Survey Results Slide in your course and that it's linked to the survey in the Quiz Settings.

I'm hoping there are others in the community that might have some fresh ideas and will chime in to add some insight!

Bas van Dijen

Hi Becca,

I don't need grading I want to be able to make a comprehensive output for the answers.

My issue is that all the answers are recorded in on one line in the CSV, as if they are 1 question total. I would have liked it if each likert scale question on the slide reports as a different entry in the CSV. The same way it would report as if they were on different slides in Storyline. 

It seems that Storyline is able to report different entries but for some reason that is tied to the slide. I would like it if it wasn't tied to the slides but the actual questions.