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Crystal Horn

Hello Chanh!  Yes, you can report the information received from survey questions as long as each of those questions is referenced on the results slide.  Learners' responses are included in the information that is sent to the LMS by your Storyline course.

I tested a survey course in SCORM Cloud that was published for SCORM 2004 (2nd) and everything came out beautifully! :)

Crystal Horn

I used the Survey results slide, and when I pulled the reporting in SCORM Cloud, I was able to see the data returned on each slide interaction.  So, my first 2 questions were a) short answer; and then b) pick one.  Both ungraded survey slides, and the reporting looked like this:


Are you able to test in SCORM Cloud?  If so, and you aren't seeing the ability to pull that information (or it's inaccurate), our support team will be happy to help test out your specific file and/or setup to get you to where you need to be!

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