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We have a contractor building some animations for us.  He originally was building them in Flash but with the move away from flash and the possibility of this content going to iPad we are changing to html5.

He is building in a platform called Snap.svg and currently has suggested using web-objects to insert the .svg files into SL3.  However this means we would need to host the files externally somewhere which presents problems for us.

Can this external hosting be avoided?  Can html5 animations be directly inserted into SL3 somehow?



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Matthew Bibby

Yes, it can be added directly.

Create a folder, for example, let's call it WebObject01.

Then in that folder, add your index.html file (and any other files needed to display the animation, e.g. JavaScript files, CSS files etc).

Then in Storyline, add a web object and navigate to the location of the WebObject01 folder. Select the folder, it'll look like it's empty, that's okay, add it to your project. 

And it should work!

Keep in mind that if you update the animation at any point you'll need to edit the web object, point it to a different resource (e.g. www.example.com), exit the web object dialog, then edit again and reselect your folder.

Hope that helps.