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Nov 02, 2015

We are in the process of getting a new LMS system in combination with Stoyline 2 (SL2).
In the pass we use as a output file a scorm file for uploading the content.
The new LMS system doesn`t support this option anymore, there for we have to change the output to a TIN CAN API file. This is supported by SL2. But we use a lot of flash based animation (SWF) in our online courses, and it looks like it`s not working when I publishes as TIN can API file.
I`m missing something or it flash no longer supported after the conversion to TIN CAN API.
I have tried several conversion tools online for SWF to MP4 for example but this not bringing the solution I want.
I hope that there some on this forum that can help me out with this problem
Regard Wilfred

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Wilfred,

There isn't a reason Tin Can API shouldn't display Flash content - so I'd confirm the element Ryan mentioned in regards to pointing specifically to the story_html5.html vs. the Flash output. If you're still having difficulty you may also want to check that it's not something specific in your LMS by uploading a copy of the published output to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing LMS output. 

Wilfred vander Stokker

Ryan and Ashley 

Thank you for your response, as Ryan mentioned I was looking at the HTML5.html5  output. When I published output to SCORM Cloud, it works fine. This will probably save me a lot of time and frustration now I don`t have to convert all the old SWF file.

Ryan thanks for offering your support on converting the files, I will contact you on this forum when we decide to convert the file to MP4. But it`looks like SWF is  still working 

Thanks for the support

Regards, Wilfred


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