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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Peter,

Strange. You're working with all local files, correct? Does the SWF play at all when you preview the course? If it doesn't, does it play on its own, outside of Storyline?

Has it ever shown up in the course at all? If you're just now inserting it for the first time and it's not showing up, can you try removing the video and renaming it, without that underscore, and see if it shows up? May not make a difference, but couldn't hurt to try.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Peter,

Thanks for the screenr. I think I see what you mean, it almost looks like a web object would - it seems to pop up and cover up some of the player elements behind the SWF. Which is a little bizarre, because you wouldn't be able to view it in Preview mode, if it were a web object  

What method are you using to insert the SWF? Are you inserting it as a video, or a Flash object?

Also, if you can share the .STORY file here, I'd be happy to take a look. You're also welcome to send it over to our tech team for testing, if you'd prefer to keep the contents private, or if the file is too large to post.